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Film & Foto

Drone pilots, Commercials, Musicvideos, High Quality Cinema Production, EB-Teams, Editing, Producing, Camerawork, Professional Photo Shootings, (digital) long-term preservation

Management / Marketing

Media Management, Sponsoring, Target group analysis, PR, Product and Production Management


Audio Recordings, Mix & Master, Releasemanagement, Distribution, Cinematic music production, Instrumentals (Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, Rock)


Webdesign, Flyer, Businesscards, Logos



Deinmanagement.de offers media productions, marketing campaigns and the possibility to "rent a music label". The "Rent a music label" service can be defined as campaign management for artists or bands who want to release their music but do not have the time, knowledge or contacts to do so. “Deinmanagement.de” is offering services and products such as: music-videos, studio recordings, audio mix and master, release management, commercial production, webpages, graphics, marketing and PR, photo shootings, music distribution and CD cover designs, in affordable packages and as single services/products. Do not hesitate in contacting us concerning prices and cooperations.

  • SEO, Digital Marketing, AdWords, Press Releases

  • Release Management, Product Management, Project Management

  • Music label, Audio Mix & Master, Studio recordings, distribution

  • Commercials, Musicvideos, Filmteams, Foto Shootings, Logos, Cover

Companies and brands our core management team worked with in the past:

Sony Music Germany , Persil, VHV Versicherungen, Volkswagen, Sofort Bank, McFit, Loox, Emmi , Fruchtzwerge (Danone), IDTV Amsterdam, Warner Music Group Germany, Michalsky, DHL, Fluff, 13th Street / NBC Universal, Guiness, Cortal Consors, Trivago, Deine Stimme gegen Armut, Philip Morris, Universal Music Germany, Braun, Amageddon Musik, OP-TEC Entertainment, BKS Studio, Bastian Peschke Photographie, commercetools, Alex Berlin, Maggi, NHTV Breda, Jung von Matt, Element E, Emenes Filmproduktion, Radical Media, Bigfish, Schuhwerk Filmproduktion, Mr. Bob Films, E+P Films, LB Films, Star Entertainment, Cinema for Peace Foundation, Daimler / Mercedes Benz, Sony | BMG, Universal Music (USA, Tokyo, Berlin), Ersguterjunge, DefJam, G-Unit, Aggro Berlin, Warner Chapell, Allied dommequ, Bayer, Balentines Whiskey, ELAN German, Materna, E-ON Energie, SLI Miniature Lighting, Streetlife Ent, Hirntot, ILM, Ghettomusik, Hypnotize Minds, Oomp Camp (Atlanta), Bad Boy, ONYX, Tapout, Lionsgate, Egger Juweliers, IBANEZ, MEINL, Mesa / Boogie, D'Addario, Accenture, Google ...